Wet ride

So, I’ve started to commute, by bike of course. Every day, to and back from work. As of right now I’m only riding about 6 miles (9km) in each direciton. I intend to extend that route to at least 20 miles combined riding and thereby loosing the extra weight I’m carrying around. Need to stop with some luxury food and drinks to, in order to make it work.

If I’m going to ride the Fireweed400 again, I need to be slimmer, fitter and stronger – so I need all riding possible – everyday exercise.

Today, well, I thought of taking the bus, but I hate riding those damn things, also even though it’s not far from either bus stop, I still have to walk about a 1000 ft.
Why walk when I can ride my bike from door to door?
Anywho 😉 It was raining this morning – hard. According to local weather stations we received about 2,7 inches of rain this morning. When it stopped, briefly, I got on my bike and began my ride. I was fine till about 2/3 of the way. Then there was a puddle, which I hit doing approx. 18 mph. Since I was wearing my winter bike shoes I wasn’t that worried about the splash and I had rain gear on – I was safe. Not!
10 ft into the puddle my bike was fully submerged and I was in a high gear.. wrong! But I got thru, slowly as a turtle on dry land. My shoes were by now filled with water and even though no water slipped in from my waist, I was still wet there… all that water came from underneath. Dang!

Oh well, it’s only water. I hit deep water twice before I reached work, but since I already took the involuntary swim I just hit the flooded tunnels at full speed. They weren’t as bad as the first passage. I’d probably make it through them without getting my shoes completely wet.

Had to take my bike apart when I got home tonight, wheels were filled with water still. They’re now drying out in the hall way. Hope to get up in time to assemble them tomorrow morning. Otherwise I’ll have to ride the bus…


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